So, no updates for nearly two months huh?

I know being busy is no excuse for lack of updates in the blogosphere so the following is my attempt at making up for lost time…

Here are some of the items that I could have blogged about but just didn’t get around to doing so in the past two months (which probably is a good thing for you busy people with all the unread items in your RSS readers):

I finally replaced the dying battery of my 2005 vintage iPod Photo. (Just realised that I’ve never actually used the ‘photo’ functionality of it, not even once)

We had another Hack Night.

Mex investigated a multi-camera timelapse setup, Edd hacked some avr-gcc code on the Arduino, Claire played around with some Python, Tim wrote some PWM code for the PIC, Tris got his LCD working, I put together a LiPO powered MintyBoost (more on that later) and LEDified some Christmas decorations. At some point we tried modifying a cheapo webcam with IR LEDs and failed spectacularly :)

I helped Edd fix his broken ethernet socket. Having a mechanical workshop next door is quite handy at situations like this.

We think this is a righteous hack :)

Went to Italy and admired some beautiful art at Musei Vaticani.

Also consumed copious amounts of caffè espresso and good local wines.

Came back to England, the “Winter Wonderland”. Return journey was a nightmare :/

Went to Turkey for the Christmas break. I was greeted by this wonderful sight on my first day.

Ate some good food. Really, really good food :)

Annoyed my cat by taking loads of photos of her. (Fun fact: She is 19 years old)


Came back to England, got mocked by some ancient computers at Bletchley Park.

Found some pretty nifty TIL308 displays while going through the old lab stock. I might make a clock out of these.

Wrote some lecture material covering the basics of Arduino for the first year engineering class titled “The Robotics Project”. I am really excited about this :)

Had yet another Hack Night.

This one was quite relaxed so everyone just played around with stuff throughout the night. I spent some time trying to get a uALFAT module speaking to the Bus Pirate only to find out that it was dead. Edd and Mex worked on some network audio voodoo (More on that at in the future, I guess). Tris and Han worked on some Android stuff and Chris wrote some Python code that’ll take care of his IRC presence in the case of his death. Yup.

Tasted ice-cream made with Liquid Nitrogen at Chin Chin Labs, Camden. It was seriously good! (Try the chocolate one with some blueberry sauce and peanut brittle topping)

Okay, this turned out to be longer than I anticipated so if you’ve made it this far, congrats! Until next time, get excited and make things! :)