Is it just me or was it not Christmas only a few weeks ago?! :)

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks:


Went to London for OSHUG #8 and got introduced to MilkyMist, an open source FPGA project for the live synthesis of interactive visual effects for VJs with a presentation from Yann Sionneau. I must say that their Spartan-6 board looks very shiny! Also had a few beers with the usual crowd, which is always a blast.

If you’re around London on the 21st of April you should definitely join us for OSHUG #9, I will be talking a bit about FPGAs there :)

Celebrated my birthday with an awesome bunch of friends who got me brilliant presents, such as these little guys (Thanks again Deb!)

Couldn’t do a Canthack session this month so we decided to have one over at Ashford of all places and held the first “ASHack” at Mex’s place. I worked on a small buggy and Mex wrote some occam code to drive it. Coincidentally Matt was working on this exact same thing over at the other side of the pond so he shared some code with us. We intend to do a post on this soon but you can enjoy a short video of it spinning around here.

Meanwhile, Edd hacked on the HGD - The Hackathon Gunther Daemon. Some pretty disturbing songs were played after that :)

Hack evenings are pretty exhausting so we decided to charge our batteries next day with this righteous fry-up!

My buddies Benylin and Beechams spent some time in me while I fought the ‘undergraduate’ flu :/

I wrote a small WordPress plugin called Fancyboxify and was quite surprised to see over 800 people installing it in less than two weeks. I guess that’s the power of Open Source :)

Received a ‘deep purple’ batch of some boards. I should really do a post on this soon.

After our adventure with the Adafruit Motor Shield at ASHack, I’ve decided to find a nicer/simpler alternative for driving small DC motors.

PS: PWM’ing motors directly is really not a good idea.

Went to London and was greeted by this sign just outside the Apple Store. Someone was clearly very happy about the arrival of iPad2 :)

And then things got out of hand a little bit:

I probably picked the worst day of the year to take a relative sightseeing across London but at least he can’t claim it was boring :)

On the way back from all the fires and flames, I got to do a ‘field trial’ of my MintyLiPoBoost. Again, I should probably do a post on this :)

After a few clicky noises from my system drive, I’ve decided to transition it over to the solid state realm. It’s really, really good!

Finally I got to do some hacking on Microblaze and ISE. As I am writing these lines, ISE is happily synthesising the bitstream and after I submit this post I will be fixing a few things in the lab script to get ready for a session next week.

Looking forward to April - the end of term which usually equates to having more time to play with stuff!