Javascript lightboxes are great. They can be found all over the interwebs and offer a nice, unobtrusive way to view images.

I have used a few different ones on my WordPress installations over the years and never found one that ‘just worked’ the way I wanted. After a plugin update broke the current one I was using I decided to just write one myself.

Allow me to introduce: Fancyboxify! It is based on Fancybox and as the name suggests, it inserts the relevant bits and bobs required to run Fancybox on your blog. It also groups images within posts (so they’re displayed as a ‘gallery’) and does some jQuery magic to derive the titles of images.

Added 24/03: You can now disable Fancybox per post by adding a custom field to your post called nofancybox and setting it’s value to** true**. Instructions on how to add custom fields to posts can be found at this codex article.


Click on a thumbnail below.



  1. Upload ‘fancyboxify’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu


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