I am running out of titles for these pseudo-monthly updates!

Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last post:

Attended the Amazon AWS Summit 2011 and listened to a few interesting talks.

Took a week off to attend a wedding in Ankara, ate some good food and was greeted by this lovely weather upon landing back in Stansted.

Had a great OSHUG session down here at Canterbury. Thanks once again to the speakers and everyone else who attended the event!

Got an old ethernet camera working with C#. It was a fun task so I’ll write up the details in a few days.

Found this awesome transputer board while digging through old lab stock!

Added a small fan (scavenged from a GPU cooler) on my Virtex5 board. It gets quite toasty without that heatsink.

Hacked my bifferboard and added a UART ‘port’, which is a re-purposed 3.5mm stereo jack.

Had great time at another hacknight at Ed’s place. I ended up writing a PHP client for the Hackathon Gunther Daemon.

Received this prototype for a University project and was reminded once again how awesome 3D printers are! (I really should put together a RepRap!)

July is going to be a fun month of travelling, hacks and loads of PhD work. Until next time, cheerio!