This is a quick post to spread the news on the arrival of SolderPad, a hosting/collaboration site for open source hardware projects, from the good folks behind OSHUG.

The official blurb from the website is:

![](/uploads/solderpad-logo.png)[SolderPad]( is a place to share, discover and collaborate on electronics projects. It offers free git hosting for [Open Source Hardware]( projects. Our aim is to simplify the process of publishing electronic projects and to improve the state of the art in collaboration in electronics by raising the visibility of designs.

The site lets you create git repositories for open source hardware projects and there is a useful schematic/board viewer as well as a (JSON based) BOM list embedded on the project pages.

Have a look here for the project page of arguably the most famous OSHW project, the Arduino Uno, as an example.

I guess it wouldn’t be far fetched to call SolderPad the hardware centric cousin of GitHub, which is a very welcome addition to the OSHW ecosystem.

Andrew and Paul did an amazing job with the site and from what I hear, they are not done yet! Keep an eye out for updates on the site and the SolderPad twitter account.

If you have an open source hardware project, do join in the party and upload it to SolderPad!