Blog negligence is a major problem of our times.

I seem to be doing some fun stuff over the next couple of weeks so join me if geographically you’re able to!

First up, I am going to present at the GOTO Aarhus 2012 alongside some extremely interesting people of the world of technology in the first week of October.

The title of my talk is “The Actor Model applied to the Raspberry Pi and the Embedded Domain”, which is going to be part of the new and exciting “Makers” track, which I am really looking forward to participating in! I will be talking about my recent explorations in the field of Concurrent Embedded Systems as part of the Erlang Embedded project, using the Raspberry Pi as an example platform.

I will be there for Tuesday and Wednesday too, ping me if you want to talk about tiny computers and doing some strange things to them in the name of science ;)

(If you’re interested in attending, use the discount code “kili1000” for a healthy discount that can be re-invested in some tasty Danish stout)

I will also be doing a warm-up of my GOTO talk at next weeks London Erlang User Group meeting, event details and registration available here.

Finally, I am heading up to Hebden Bridge this weekend for the Open Source Hardware User Camp 2012 to present a talk on interfacing the Raspberry Pi to the outside world and to run a hands-on workshop to go over the material covered in the talk, which should be fun. I think the registration is still open for the camp, which has some pretty amazing speakers and talks lined up so visit the event page if you’re interested.

I am planning on spending the week or two following this madness quietly in the office (perhaps finishing Ponte!). I might even blog more frequently!