5 Conferences, 3 Tutorial Sessions and 4 Talks in 4 Countries. The next couple of weeks are going to be pretty interesting!

Here’s the plan:

March 4: QCon London


We are running a half day version of our “Hands on hardware fun with the Raspberry Pi using Erlang” tutorial session, which provides a brief overview of the Embedded landscape and demonstrates how to interface external “hardware drivers” to the Erlang runtime. The Erlang Embedded Demo Board will make its debut in this tutorial session!

March 8: Kraków Erlang Factory Lite

I’ll be heading over to the beautiful city of Krakow to present a new talk titled “Taking Back Embedded: The Erlang Embedded Framework”, which will look at ways of employing Erlang for the next generation of connected embedded systems (Internet of Things, if you will)

March 20 - 22: Erlang Factory SF Bay Area

We will be running a full day version of our hands-on tutorial session, introducing the Erlang Embedded framework. We have been working on it for quite some time now so I am looking forward to packaging it up for a public release!

I will also be presenting the new Erlang Embedded talk.

April 10: ACCU

This is a very exciting conference bringing in quite an eclectic mixture of speakers and technologies together with Eben Upton and Bjarne Stroustrup(!) giving keynotes.

I will be talking about the Actor Model in the Embedded domain with hints of Erlang thrown into the mix for some fun.

April 11: GOTO Zürich

We will be running the full day hands-on tutorial and I will be presenting the Erlang Embedded Framework with some bits from the Actor Model talk.

We also have the following talks from the Erlang crew:

Ping me if you’d like to discuss Erlang and Embedded Systems in any of these events over a beer or two.