Here’s the last batch of conference talks and workshops I’ll be delivering this year:

October 25: FP Days 2013, Cambridge

FP Days 2013

I will be running an abridged version of the Erlang Embedded hands-on workshop we’ve run in the past. The workshop itself is sold out but feel free to ping me if you’re attending the conference and want to discuss Erlang in the Embedded domain.

November 28: OSHUG #30, London


Taking a break from the software world, I am going to be talking about overclocking and overvolting chips, looking at the effects of such practices on silicon level and introduce a little OSHW design I’ve been working on called vftweak, which simplifies such experiments by providing a programmable interface and monitoring tools. (Design and code will be published once I verify the design, which should be a week or two before the talk itself)

December 3-5: Code Mesh 2013, London

Code Mesh 2013

I will be running a full-day workshop, demonstrating the full capabilities of Erlang/ALE – the embedded framework that we have been working on for a while.

December 9-12: Build Stuff 2013, Vilnius

Build Stuff 2013

I will be joined by the Erlang Priest himself and we will be delivering a repeat of the Erlang/ALE workshop. Will also deliver the talk: Cloud, Distributed, Embedded: Erlang in the Heterogeneous Computing World

As always, feel free to ping me if you’d like to discuss Erlang and/or Embedded Systems in general over a beer or two…